New Balance Work Shoes

15 Comfy, Secure And Best NEW BALANCE Work Shoes (Review)

A responsible employer considers all workplace hazards and minimizes them as far as possible. Employees play their part by wearing appropriate work shoes that protect their feet and meet the workplace's necessary standards.

Can you get New Balance work shoes that fit a wide range of safety needs and are comfortable and stylish? The short answer is yes - the best New Balance work shoes will give you the comfort and style of a sneaker with the protection and support of a classic safety shoe. 

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How These Reviews are Organized

These reviews separate any relevant safety standards into a quick checklist so you can identify the shoe that meets your workplace needs. The other features are collected to give a general overview of what the best New Balance work shoes offer you in terms of comfort and performance. I highlight any significant differences between men's and women's ranges when relevant.

Some New Balance work shoes offer variations – with and without a safety toe, for example. When those variations are available, I highlight the differences from the primary model.

After, I provide a detailed Buyer's Guide that highlights the comfort, support and durability features in the best New Balance work shoes. 

Other Options

If at the end of this article, you still have not found exactly what you are looking for, I would recommend reviewing the following:

Best New Balance Work Shoes

New Balance 412v1 - Alloy Toe

Men's New Balance 412v1 

Women's New Balance 412v1 

Safety Features

  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole tested to ASTM F2913-11.
  • Alloy toe – wide flange ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11 I/75, C/75 giving impact and compression protection for your toes.

Other Features

  • Flat laces – giving a comfortable fit on the upper foot.
  • Convenient pull-on loop at the heel.
  • Removable EVA insert for cushioning – you can replace it with custom orthotics.
  • Synthetic uppers.
  • Comfortable padded collar.

Differences Between Men's And Women's New Balance 412v1

  • You can get extra wide fittings as well as wide fittings in the men's range. The women's range offers wide fittings but not extra-wide. 
  • Styles MID412B1 and MID412G1 are Medicare/HSPCS code = A5500 and may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement in the men's range in the USA, but not in the women's ranges. 


If you need toe protection and you put miles on your feet during the working day, then these lightweight sneaker-style work shoes offer plenty of comfort. The EVA insert gives lots of cushioned comfort, but you can swap it out for a different insert that might better meet your cushioning or support needs. 

These are one of the best New Balance working shoes for men and women as they meet the appropriate safety standards with style and comfort. The slip-resistant rubber outsole makes sure you remain on your feet when it matters. 

Men's New Balance 412 ESD

Additional Safety Features

  • Meets ASTM F2412-18 and ASTM F2413-18 for electrostatic dissipative performance – displaces charges of electricity through a walking surface, reducing static electricity hazards. 


This version of the New Balance work shoe 412 is only available in men's sizes (size 7 or larger). It has everything that the New Balance 412v1 (Alloy Toe) has with the added safety feature of Electrostatic Dispersion (ESD).

This safety feature makes these New Balance work shoes ideal for working in an area where static electricity is an issue. If you are a women in need of electrical hazard protection, the New Balance 627v2 with the steel toe is available in women's sizes. 

New Balance 989 - Composite Toe

Men's New Balance 989

Safety Features

  • Composite toe – wide flange meets ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11 I/75, C/75 for impact and compression.
  • Electrical hazard protection – ASTM 2413-11 ASTM F2892-11 for secondary underfoot protection.

Other Features

  • Hiking boot style for when you want more support and protection near the ankle.
  • Best of both worlds with a durable leather front half and a breathable synthetic rear half.
  • REVlite midsole for superior cushioning and support.
  • New Balance ultrasoft cushioning insert for extra bounce.
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole.
  • Approximate 10mm heel drop reduces fatigue when walking.
  • Kick plate on the heel and a toe bumper.
  • Styles MID989B1 and MID989G1 are "Medicare/HSPCS code = A5500" and may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement in the USA.
  • Pull-on loop at the heel.
  • Padded collar.
  • Traditional lacing system.
  • Available in wide and extra-wide fittings.


These are one of the best New Balance work shoes, suitable for light industrial use, when you want a more traditional boot style with electrical hazard protection. The breathable rear section aims to keep your feet comfortable and fresh, and the leather front section gives you the durability and enhanced protection you need in that area. 

The REVlite foam gives you cushioning and support but with 30% less weight, making a real difference when you need to walk all day in your work boots. They are only available in men's sizes, from size 7 - 18.

New Balance 806 - Slip Resistant

Men's New Balance 806

Women's New Balance 806

Safety Features

  • Slip-resistant to ASTM F2913-11, giving superior traction and grip.

Other Features

  • Breathable hyposkin uppers with no-sew overlays are seam-free and easy to clean.
  • Fresh foam midsole provides support and cushioning.
  • Careful positioning of lugs on the outsole to match high-pressure areas on the footbed. 

Difference Between Men's And Women's New Balance 806

  • Styles MID806K1 and MID806S1 are Medicare/HSPCS code = A5500 and may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement in the men's range.
  • Men's sizes offer extra-wide in addition to the wide fittings.
  • Different color options in men's and women's sizes, although both offer classic black. Women can choose an alternate gray option, and men have a silver/gray or a gray/black option.


If you don't need toe protection and slip resistance is crucial, these are comfortable sneaker-style New Balance work shoes that provide cushioned comfort for your feet. The slip resistance standard meets safety traction for greasy, oily surfaces. It makes these the best New Balance work shoes for working in the foodservice industries, hospital settings and any other workplace where you encounter various slip hazards. 

Another plus if working in these environments is the seam-free synthetic uppers which are super-easy to clean to a high standard – keeping your shoes looking good and hygienic. In addition, the seam-free upper adds extra comfort by removing areas where your foot can rub and blister. The no-sew overlays provide additional durability without leaving areas to trap dirt. 

New Balance 626v2 - Slip Resistant

Men's New Balance 626v2

Women's New Balance 626v2

Safety Standards

  • Slip-resistant to ASTM F2913-11, giving superior traction and grip.
  • Oil resistant outsole properties – ASTM D471-16a.

Other Features

  • Leather upper – supportive, durable, and easy to maintain to a high standard.
  • ADZORB pads in the heel reduce energy backlash and decrease fatigue.
  • Internal shank provides stability by preventing twisting and torsion in the midfoot.
  • Compression-molded midsole supports and cushions your foot.
  • Non-marking outsole – suitable for indoor work.

Differences Between Men's And Women's New Balance 626v2

  • Style MID626K2 is Medicare/HSPCS code = A5500 and may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement in the men's range.
  • Extra wide fittings (wide, x-wide, 2x-wide, and 3x-wide) in men's sizes and only two (wide and X-wide) in the women.
  • Both ranges offer a black or a gray option, but white is only offered in women's sizes. 


These New Balance work shoes offer slip resistance in greasy, oily conditions, which is a real benefit if you work in a food industry setting. There are plenty of features to keep you comfortable if you are standing all day on hard surfaces – superior shock absorption, excellent cushioning, and an internal shank to prevent twisting in the mid-foot. Throw in a non-marking sole and easy to maintain leather uppers, and you are all set for a busy day. 

New Balance 627v2 - Steel Toe Cap

The New Balance 627v2 has all the features of the New Balance 626v2, but with the addition of a safety toe and a synthetic upper option. 

Men's New Balance 627v2

Women's New Balance 627v2

Extra Safety Features

  • Steel toe meets ASTM F2412-11; ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 for impact and compression.
  • Electrical hazard protection to ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11with a stitch-less ESD insert.

Differences From New Balance 626v2 (Without Steel Toe Cap)

  • Width fittings in men's sizes include wide and X-wide but not the 2X or 3X fittings.
  • MID627B2 style in Men's may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.
  • The women's version is a mixture of synthetic and leather instead of 100% leather upper. 

Men's New Balance 627 MID

  • 100% synthetic upper.
  • Steel Toe.
  • 3 color choices and wide and double wide sizing.
  • MID627O2 style is potentially available for Medicare reimbursement. 


New Balance 627v2 is a safety sneaker that fits most workplaces. You get great styling and plenty of safety options with or without a safety toe. The leather upper is supportive and super-easy to keep clean and look good, but you can opt for a 100% synthetic option (men only) if you prefer to avoid leather.

The ADZORB crash pads absorb the backlash energy from your foot hitting the ground. Removing that stress from your foot and lower leg makes a real difference to how you feel at the end of the day. The non-marking outsole makes it easy to move between different working environments.

These New Balance work shoes look great in a casual office setting with all those vital safety features crafted seamlessly into what appears to be classic sneakers. 

New Balance 589v1 - Composite Toe 

Men's New Balance 589v1

Women's New Balance 589v1

Safety Features

  • Slip-resistant outsole – ASTM F2913-19.
  • Protective toe – ASTM F2412-18a and ASTM 2412-18 impact and compression.
  • Electrical hazard – ASTM F2413-18 and ASTM F2892-18 secondary underfoot protection.

Other Features

  • Leather and mesh upper combine durability with breathability.
  • Oil resistant and non-marking sole.
  • Approximate 10mm heel drop for more comfortable walking and standing.
  • EVA insert for cushioning and support.
  • REVlite midsole for performance with 30% less weight.
  • Available in wide and extra-wide fittings.

Difference Between Men's and Women's New Balance 589v1

  • The men's range has four color options, whereas women only have a choice of gray/pink style.


The composite safety toe weighs less than steel and combined with lighter cushioning from the REVlite midsole, you get a safety sneaker that is light and very effective. The combination of leather and synthetic mesh supplies both durability and breathability. The non-slip soles resist slippery oil surfaces and won't mark the floor when you move into an office environment or reception area. 

These New Balance work shoes provide the same level of safety protection and standards in both the men's and women's range, and they look like sneakers, which makes them discreet as you go about your daily life.

New Balance 706v2 - US Postal Service Approved

Men's New Balance 706v2

Women's New Balance 706v2

Postal Approved

These New Balance work shoes are US Postal service approved. They have the following features:

  • Water-resistant black leather uppers.
  • Waterproof lining.
  • Fully enclosed at heels, toes, and sides.

Other Features

  • Breathable leather upper in classic black.
  • ROLLBAR technology to correct pronation issues and provide stability.
  • Compression resistant PU midsole cushioning.
  • Hardwearing polyurethane outsole.
  • Flat laces for comfort and fit.

Differences Between Men's And Women's New Balance 706v2

  • Women's sizes are available in narrow, standard, wide, and extra-wide. Men's sizes don't include the narrow option, but they have a 2X-wide option.


These New Balance work shoes fit the strict requirements of appropriate footwear for postal workers and suit anyone who needs to cover many miles on their job every day. The durable leather upper in classic black lets your feet breathe, and you can maintain it to a professional finish that matches any uniform or office attire. 

The classic construction is durable and smart for workers that spend their day on their feet but don't need a safety toe or electrical hazard resistance. The supportive leather upper protects your feet and supports them through the long day. The compression-resistant midsole means your shoes stay comfortable for longer between regular replacement. 

Buyer's Guide To The Best New Balance Work Shoes

Safety First

New Balance work shoes meet a range of safety standards. Not every shoe meets every safety standard because workplaces differ and a shoe that covered every aspect of workplace safety is not ideal in terms of performance or cost.

You find New Balance work shoes with the following safety standards:

  • Slip resistance for a variety of slippery surface conditions, including oil.
  • Toe protection – alloy, steel, or composite toe caps giving protection against compression and injury. New Balance work shoes with toe protection have a label on the toe. 
  • Electrical hazards – either static electricity dispersion (ESD) or underfoot protection from secondary circuits. 

You can quickly pick out the New Balance work shoes that meet your safety needs because I highlight each shoe's relevant safety standards. 

What's Missing In These New Balance Work Shoes?

There are some features that you don't find in the New Balance working shoes range.

Puncture Plate

Some workplaces present an extra hazard with items that can pierce the sole of a work shoe and injure the soft underside of your foot. In these workplaces, it is best to have a safety shoe with the added benefit of a puncture-resistant plate in the midsole. These add weight and expense to the safety shoe. Most work shoes don't need a puncture plate, and none of the New Balance work shoes offer this feature. 

Heavy-Duty Waterproofing

The most challenging workplaces include exposure to lots of water, either as running or standing water. To keep your feet dry all day in these circumstances takes a waterproofing level beyond the scope of these New Balance working shoes. Most workers opt for fully waterproof rubber boots in these environments. Take a look at this article if you want those kind of waterproof options.

New Balance Work Shoes Vs. New Balance Athletic Shoes

New Balance work shoes are not identical to their athletic sneakers which are packed with cutting edge sports' technology. The new foam formulations, ROLLBAR technology, and other performance improvements are slowly being implemented into New Balance work shoes but at a slower rate because work shoes have different demands.

For an in depth review of what high tech features are now in New Balance athletic footwear, please see the Buyer's Guide in this article - 10 Best New Balance Hiking Shoes For Exceptional Comfort (Review).

Value for Money

In an ideal world, you invest in one set of high-quality tires for your vehicle, and you are set for life. Now, you know that is not how it works; tires wear and need regular replacement – just like your work shoes. 

The amount of wear you put on your work shoes depends on the amount of time you spend on your feet, but typically, the best New Balance work shoes will last between three and six months. The areas that will wear include:

  • Outsole – The rubber is durable, but it takes the force of your foot impact again and again.
  • Cushioning – Your body weight compresses the padding underfoot, until finally, it can't bounce back.
  • Uppers - Weak points on the upper are under stress from taking them on and off and walking. Hot and sweaty feet also distort the uppers over time, weakening the support for your feet. 

The need for the regular replacement of your New Balance work shoes means it is more affordable if your New balance work shoes do NOT include the latest sneaker technology. Remaining with dependable standard construction and components that perform well over the expected life of the shoe keeps prices for the best New Balance work shoes in an appropriate range. 


Leather is a classic upper material because it is easy to maintain and provides support and protection for your foot with some water-resistance. However, leather is heavier than synthetics, and lighter New Balance work shoes make creative use of seam-free synthetics that removes rubbing and blistering with abrasion-resistant overlays. These synthetic materials are easier to clean than leather in certain industries, like foodservice or medical facilities. Like leather, modern synthetic uppers give excellent durability because of technological advances in production and construction. 

Whether you choose leather or synthetic uppers may depend on your workplace demands.


Comfortable feet are happy feet, and the type of foam in the midsole makes a difference to your comfort levels. New foam formulas are road-tested first in athletic sneakers and then into New Balance work shoes. Currently, you can find the following cushioning in the best New Balance work shoes:

  • REVlite – same performance as standard New Balance foam but with 30% less weight making for a lighter shoe. 
  • Fresh Foam – a spring but stable foam that molds to give targeted support to your foot with contoured midsoles. 
  • ABZORB – an isoprene rubber formula that provides crash pads in high impact areas (like heels) to instantly absorb backlash energy and protect you from fatigue. 

Other comfort features include padded collars, flat laces, and a wide range of wide or double wide sizings. The best New Balance work shoes aim to give you the comfort of your favorite sneakers in a work shoe. 


A supportive feature in some New Balance work shoes is the ROLLBAR stability technology. This technology makes a big difference to your foot comfort if you over pronate (have low arches and your foot rolls inwards when you walk) or under pronate (have high arches and your foot rolls outwards when you walk). It is also excellent for neutral walkers.

This posting system reduces rear-foot movement. The molded plate under the heel prevents the foot from rolling inwards or outwards. It is connected to the postings on the outside and inside of the shoe’s edge.

The ROLLBAR stops painful and potentially hazardous mid-foot twisting and promotes natural foot movement. You can find ROLLBAR technology in the Postal Shoes 706v2


Traditional safety shoes look clumsy and are unmistakably heavy workplace protective footwear. New Balance work shoes strike a stylish balance between building a work shoe that meets your safety needs in a sneaker style with something that you can wear while shopping or having coffee out with friends. 

A safety toe adds weight to any footwear, but at least, the best New Balance work shoes manage to include a safety toe without producing an ugly shoe. Plus, other innovative technologies like REVlite foam and synthetic uppers reduce the weight of most New Balance work shoes, so you end a long work day on your feet with some energy left to enjoy your leisure time. 

Last Word

New Balance offers a lot of safety features, comfort and support in the best New Balance work shoes. They are a stylish casual choice which allows you to put a full day at work, and then, head out to meet friends after work. You can rest assured that not only will your feet look and feel good after a long day on your feet, but they are supported and secure.