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14 Best ADIDAS Flip Flops, Slides And Sandals (Review)

Comfortable and stylish flip flops, sandals and slides are summer essentials. You need them for running errands, taking walks, hanging at the beach, and enjoying your home. Thankfully, Adidas has got you covered. You can find a large selection of Adidas flip flops and slides for women and men, including the iconic Adilette Comfort slides, in multiple fun colors and designs. Rest assured, the hardest part will be buying only one pair!

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Other Options

As you will see below, there is a fantastic selection of Adidas flips flops, slides and sandals for men and women. However, if you have not found exactly what you are looking for, I would recommend taking a look at three other options.

First, Nike has its own range of flip flops, slides and sandals with its own footwear technology and attractive styles. 

Second, New Balance not only as its own flip flops and slides, but other slip on choices that go beyond these traditional types of footwear.

Third, sometimes slides and flip flops are not the best beach or waterproof shoe choice. Teva produces an excellent range of waterproof sandals that are ideal for the beach, or other water-based activities like boating, walking over slippery rocks or even swimming when the bottom of the river, lake or ocean maybe rocky or slimy. 

Best Adidas Flip Flops And Slides For Men And Women

Overview Of Adidas Adilette Slides

Adidas Adilette slides debuted in 1972 and today, they are the most popular slides that Adidas offers. It would be fair to say that Adidas Adilette slides are responsible for giving Adidas its industry-leading reputation for producing amazingly comfortable and good looking slides.

There are several different variations of Adidas Adilette slides. Those are

  1. Adilette Comfort slides.
  2. Adilette Shower slides.
  3. Adilette Aqua slides.
  4. Adilette Boost slides.
  5. Adilette Lite slides.

Each model of the Adidas Adilette slides offers different colors and styles, in addition to different Adidas footwear technology. This includes some or all of the following:

  • Contoured footbeds which provide a curved liner that forms to the shape of your foot supplying some heel, arch and toe support. 
  • Cloudfoam technology which softly molds the Adidas Adilette slides to the shape of the foot so that the slides feel snug, cushioned and well-fitted. 
  • Lightweight EVA injected midsoles for cushion.
  • Premium Adidas Boost in midsoles for excellent shock absorption and anti-fatigue technology. The TPU compresses under pressure for better shock absorption and instantly bounces back to its original shape.
  • Outsoles that are EVA injected for extra cushion on impact. It is lighter and softer than traditional rubber and make Adidas Adilette slides an excellent choice for travel, a day at the beach, or at the gym. 
  • Slip on construction or hook and loop enclosure.

The Best Adidas Adilette Slides

Adilette Comfort Slides Men

Adilette Comfort Slides Women


  • Single-bandage molded EVA upper to reduce rubbing.
  • Contoured footbed to support the shape of your foot for comfort.
  • Cloudfoam plus footbed to mold to shape of your foot and for energy rebound.
  • Injected EVA outsole for shock absorption.
  • Some traction on outsole.
  • Durable and lightweight.

Useful Information:

  • Available in variety of colors, stripes, patterns, or with Adidas' logo.
  • No half or wide sizes.
  • No adjustable closure.
  • Each model of the Adilette Comfort slides are available for men and women. Accordingly, when ordering, double check that you are ordering the correct size.
  • Adilette Comfort slides fit on the big side. Order at least 1/2 size smaller than your normal size. 


Adilette Comfort slides are packed with Adidas technology to make them comfortable and snug on your feet, and provide shock absorption on impact. The contoured footbed combined with Cloudfoam technology ensures that the soles of your feet are cradled by soft cushion, in addition to creating a better fit. The injected EVA outsole gives energy rebound as you stand or walk, reducing fatigue in the feet and legs. 

Adilette Comfort Slides (Adjustable)


  • Hook and loop closure to adjust fit to foot. 
  • Synthetic upper.
  • Contoured footbed.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Some grip on rubber outsole.

Useful Information:

  • Available in multiple colors but with only a striped pattern.
  • Sizing is from men's 4 - 17, or women's from 5-18.
  • Does not include Cloudform footbed, EVA or Boost midsole or EVA outsole.


The Adilette Comfort slides (Adjustable) offer a contoured shaped footbed with a hook and loop closure to capture a more personalized fit for your foot. They are still soft with some cushion, but do not have the same level of Adidas technology for shock absorption or energy rebound as the regular Adilette Comfort slides. 

Adilette Aqua Slides Men

Adilette Aqua Slides Women


  • One piece molded EVA upper for comfort.
  • EVA outsole for cushion and shock absorption.
  • Signature Cloudfoam footbed for better fit and soft feel.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Some traction on outsole.

Useful Information:

  • Only available with three striped upper band.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Sizing is available from men's 4 -12 and women's 5 -13.
  • No adjustable fit or contoured footbed.
  • Each Adidas Adilette Aqua slide works for both women and men so check sizing when ordering. 


Adidas Adilette Aqua slides come in a variety of colors with the signature 3-stripe design. They are quick-drying, with the signature Cloudfoam footbed for a soft, more personalized and comfortable fit. The EVA outsole supplies excellent shock absorption and cushion for standing or walking. The quick drying material makes them perfect for pool, beach and shower. They are lightweight and easy to pack.

Adidas Adilette Shower Slides

Product Features:

  • Single-bandage synthetic upper.
  • EVA injected outsole for energy rebound.
  • Cloudfoam footbed for close fit, soft cushion and shock absorption.
  • Contoured footbed for comfort.
  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight and durable.

Useful Information:

  • Available in multiple colors with iconic 3 striped pattern.
  • Available in men's from 4 - 13 and women's 5 - 14.
  • No adjustable fit.
  • Each Adidas Adilette Shower slides work for men or women. Accordingly, double check sizing when ordering.


Adidas Adilette Shower slides have a lot of features. They are contoured and cushioned with a Cloudfoam sole and have lightweight EVA injected outsoles for excellent shock absorption on impact. In addition, they are lightweight, so easy to pack for travel or the gym, and include quick drying material.

Although these Adidas flip flops are normally offered with the iconic 3 stripe pattern, Adidas sometimes offers limited edition Adidas Adilette slides, like the recent European football teams' logos, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Arsenal. 

Adidas Adilette Boost Slides

Product Features:

  • Classic synthetic 3-stripe bandage style upper.
  • Full length premium Adidas Boost midsole cushioning for excellent comfort.
  • Superior traction on the outsole compared to other Adidas Adilette slides.
  • Lightweight and durable.

Useful Information:

  • Available in black, white and iridescent colors.
  • No adjustable fit.
  • No contoured footbed.
  • Unisex sizing from 4-13.


Adidas takes it up a notch with the Adilette Boost slides. The premium Adidas Boost technology is a soft and responsive cushioning that is normally added to sneakers for exceptional energy rebound and anti-fatigue effect. Boost technology is a step ahead of EVA injected midsoles as Adidas Boost compresses under pressure for better shock absorption, but instantly bounces back to its original shape.

These Adidas flip flops are some of the most comfortable for long walks and activities around the water. They are lightweight, and have a good grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Adidas Adilette Boost slides are characterized by comfort, flexibility, and durability.

Adidas Adilette Lite Slides

Product Features:

  • Synthetic bandage upper.
  • Cushioned and soft footbed.
  • Synthetic outsoles.
  • Lightweight and durable.

Useful Information:

  • No adjustable fit.
  • No EVA, Cloudform or Boost midsoles or EVA outsoles.
  • No contoured footbed.
  • Little traction on outsole
  • Several colors with Adidas Trefoil on top.
  • Unisex sizing from 4 - 15. 


The Adidas Adilette Lite slides offer a traditional sporty look with the Adidas Trefoil emblem on top. They are soft with cushion, but do not supply any Adidas technology to the midsole or the outsole for supplemental cushion and shock absorption.

The outer soles of these Adidas flip flops have very little traction and would not be the best choice for wet or slippery conditions. However, these Adidas flip flops are lightweight, easy to pack, and would be an ideal choice for running quick errands or doing chores around the house. 

Adidas Adissage Slides

Adidas Adissage Slides Men

Adidas Adissage Slides Women

Product Features:

  • Hook-and-loop adjustable bandage-style upper.
  • Adidas signature Cloudfoam midsole and outsole for shock absorption and comfortable fit.
  • EVA massage nubs on footbed for cushion and comfort.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Some traction on outer sole.

Useful Information:

  • No contoured footbed.
  • Unisex Adidas flip flops and sizes.
  • 3 colors - blue, black and black with gold. 


These Adidas flip flops have excellent midsole and outsole cushion and shock absorption with Cloadfoam technology. They do not supply a contoured footbed, but the Cloadfoam technology provides a soft cradling experience for the foot. Together with the adjustable velcro strap, theses Adidas slides for men and women offer a personalized fit for excellent comfort.  

The Adidas Adissage slides distinguish themselves from other Adidas slides with the EVA massage nubs on the footbed. These nubs are ergonomically placed to massage and stimulate your feet whether it is after a hard work out or to assist with comfort on a long walk. They allow you to release tension, improve blood flow and relax your muscles. 

The lightweight EVA nubs in the Adidas Adissage slides may feel unusual for the first few days until they are pressed into your foot shape. They are easy to wash and keep clean with quick drying material.

Adidas Duramo SL Slides

Adidas Duramo SL Slides

Safety Features:

  • Synthetic upper.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure.
  • Contoured footbed that cradles feet with a soft cushioned feel.
  • Some arch support.
  • Lightmotion midsole for shock absorption on impact.
  • Synthetic outsole.

Useful Information:

  • No EVA, Cloudform or Boost outsole.
  • Traction on outsole is minimal.
  • Only one color.
  • Unisex sizing from 5 - 13.


A contoured sole with some arch support and an adjustable fit characterizes Adidas Duramo SL slides. If you want a pair of Adidas slides but need some stability, a more secure fit, and some support in your arches, then these would be the best option. 

These Adidas slides for women and men supply great cushion in the midsole with a thick synthetic outsole for a lightweight shoe with lots of shock absorption.

Adidas Comfort Flip Flops

Adidas Comfort Flip Flops Mens

Adidas Comfort Flip Flops Womens


  • Synthetic upper thong.
  • Plush polyurethane footbed for cushion and soft texture on the sole of the foot.
  • EVA outsole for shock absorption and energy rebound.
  • Quick drying.
  • Durable.

Useful Information:

  • Heritage throwback details.
  • Decent traction on outsole.
  • No contoured footbed, Cloudfoam or Adidas Boost technology.
  • No adjustable closure.
  • Comes in two Adidas flip flop models in sizing for both men and women - Black or blue sporty look (three band stripes on thong), or fashionable option with different colors.
  • These Adidas flip flops are suitable for both women and men and have multiple sizing options.  


These Adidas flip flops come with the traditional T-shape thong strap found in a flip flop style. If you are looking for a flip flop that offers cushion and shock absorption, then the Adidas Comfort flip flops are an excellent choice.

Flip flops are usually not very durable and lack structure to provide support to the feet. However, these Adidas flip flops supply a lightweight polyurethane midsole footbed with good elasticity on impact and an EVA injected outsole for energy rebound and comfort. 

These Adidas flip flops are made from synthetic materials, so they are waterproof and easy to keep clean with soapy water. 

Adidas Magmur Sandals

Adidas Magmur Sandals

Safety Features:

  • Elastic band and textile upper with hook-and-loop closure for a personalized fit.
  • Durable and lightweight feel.
  • EVA midsole for cushion.
  • Sculpted rubber outsole designed for extra cushion in high impact areas and with good traction.

Useful Information:

  • No contoured footbed.
  • No EVA, Cloudfoam or Adidas Boost technology in outsole.
  • Comes in two patterns and women's sizing.


Adidas Magmur are elevated sport sandals that offer Adidas running shoe technology and style. You get a thick sculpted rubber outsole of a traditional shoe fused with the look and feel of a sandal.

The sole of the Adidas Magmur sandals are from the Adidas Magmur trainers. So the comfort and practical approach of the midsole and outsole are on the same level as an Adidas performance sneaker. It has a sculpted sole with good traction that offers stability and makes it a perfect all-day shoe. 

The stretchy elastic upper features a hook-and-loop closure for adjustability. These straps cover the top of the foot and are wide enough to provide a firm grip. This grip provided by these wide straps secures the foot within the sandal's footbed to prevent friction. The EVA midsole offers cushion with each step. It is lightweight yet provides ample shock absorption.

Adidas Magmur is a shoe that can transition with you throughout your day. It works for a long walk or running errands, and works for a night out on the town. They are very durable and easy to clean.

Buyer's Guide 

What is the Difference Between Flip-Flops, Slides and Sandals?

Flip Flops

Flip flops are probably the oldest form of shoes as they can be traced back to Egyptian civilization. They do not have any fixing straps or tie-ups. Rather, flip-flops are supported by the post between your big and second toes. In most flip flop designs, you are gripping the shoe on to your foot with the thong and your toes.

Traditionally, flip flops have wide soles so your toes can splay out, do not have a lot of cushion or support, and the outsoles have very little traction. However, these summer essentials are lightweight, easy to pack, and can be very stylish and comfy for short distances. 

Flip flops are great for your pool trips, beach walks, and around the house. However, they are not the right choice for hiking or running or even for wearing for long periods because of the lack of support for your feet. For extended periods, they can not only hurt your feet, but can cause pain in the knees and lower back. 

Adidas Flips Flops

The Adidas Comfort flip flops offer a traditional flip flop model with some Adidas footwear technology for an enhanced experience. Adidas flip flops provide cushion and softness in the midsole, a light EVA injected outsole for shock absorption and comfort, and decent traction for some grip on slippery conditions. 


Sandals are open toe shoes but with an affixed heel, usually with some sort of strap at the ankle and over the instep. By its very nature, sandals provide a more secure fit with stability in the heels and around the toes. Unlike flip flops, there is little to no need for the toes to grip the shoes to keep them on the feet.

With the structure, there is more opportunity to add a stiffer outsole, arch support for high or low arches, or toe rockers to help with your natural walking gait. If you are interested in more sandal options for flat fleet, take a look at the article 12 Very Stylish And Best Sandals For Flat Feet For Men And Women.


A great slide is one that is easy to slip on with or without socks. As for comfort and stability, they fall somewhere between flip flops and sandals. They supply a large band over the forefoot near the toes so that the toes do not have to grip to the same extent to keep the shoes on as flip flops. If the band is adjustable, then there is even less stress. You can adjust the fit of the slide to your feet. 

Adidas Slides

Adidas slides, in particular the Adilette Comfort slides and other Adidas Adilette slides, supply a lot of Adidas footwear technology to create comfortable, stable, lightweight, and durable slides.

Contoured footbeds and Cloudfoam technology support the feet in a more natural manner making them closer to a sandal than a flip flop. EVA, Cloudfoam, or Boost technology in the midsole or outer soles provide cushion, shock absorption, and energy rebound for more comfortable and well rested feet. In addition, several models offer good traction on the outsole and can handle slippery surfaces. 

Last Word

Adidas makes exceptional flip flops, slides and sandals. They are comfortable, durable and lightweight with lots of color and design choices. Whether you are looking for something sporty and practical for the pool or the gym, or something stylish to complement your workout gear or outfit while you run errands, Adidas flip flops and sandals for men and women will not disappoint.