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12 Very Stylish And Best Sandals For Flat Feet For Men And Women 

Around 20-30% of the population have flat feet or low arches. Not everyone with flat feet will experience pain to their feet, knees, hips, or lower back, but some do. Eventually, those people should seek medical help to make standing and walking more comfortable. 

Suppose you are one of the lucky ones in that you have flat feet, but you can manage your condition with appropriate footwear. In other words, you are doing what you can to maintain the lifestyle that you want by simply making a smart choice in your shoes. 

Even better, you can do this in style. The best sandals for flat feet don't need to look clunky and out of place (unless of course, that's the look that you are going for)! There is no reason that if you have flat feet, you can't have stylish sandals that pamper your feet for all sorts of occasions, whether that is a chic night on the town, a day of walking and exploring, or a stroll on the beach.

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Most Stylish And Best Sandals For Flat Feet For MEN And WOMEN

How The Reviews Are Organized

The reviews are split into four sandal options for men, two unisex choices, and a selection of six sandals for women. I have selected an array of fashionable choices that would be suitable for the occasional night out, smart casual wear, active days, and flip flop styles.  

Most importantly, all 12 sandals offer a footbed that provides anatomical support for fallen arches, effective weight distribution across your foot when walking, and better foot alignment. 

More Options

One of the best men's sandals for flat feet that I highlight below is Keen Newport H2. However, the reality is that Keen offers a huge selection of active and everyday sandals with superb arch support for both men and women. For a comprehensive look at those shoes, please take a look at 9 Best KEEN Shoes and Sandals

You may also have a fantastic pair of sandals or shoes that you love but wish that you had some or more arch support. In my article 13 Best Insoles For Flat Feet For Every Kind Of Shoe, I identify excellent shoe inserts for flat feet for all sorts of activities and different kinds of shoes. This includes difficult styles such as flip flops, sandals, and high heels, as well as traditional shoes such as office and dress shoes, and sneakers for running, walking, golfing, playing tennis and more. 

Best Sandals For Flat Feet For Men

Vionic Ludlow Charlie Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Classic black leather upper and footbed
  • Smart "dressy" sandal for all occasions
  • Rubber sole
  • Podiatrist footbed design for stability and balance
  • Adjustable buckle straps
  • Flexible EVA midsole
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-13
  • Offered in black or brown


  • No half or wide sizes


Vionic Ludlow Charlie Sandals are the best sandals for flat feet if you need to provide a relaxed yet polished appearance. The all-leather classic black uppers mean you can team these sandals with shorts or trousers for an informal appearance with plenty of ventilation and comfort. They are offered in black or brown leather, and in men's shoe sizes 7-13.

Vionic Ludlow Charlie Sandals offers adjustable buckles to adjust to the width of your feet. They also include a concealed orthotic arch support. The flexible Eva midsole with the Podiatrist footbed design supplies comfort with stability to keep even weight distribution and foot alignment. 

Visionreast Leather Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Leather upper with a textile lining and breathable panels helps keep feet fresh and well-aired
  • Three Velcro adjustable straps for a custom fit including around heel
  • Contoured footbed with biomechanical functions with arch support
  • Air cushioning inside the sole to provide more comfortable long-distance walking
  • Flexible EVA footbed includes elastic balls, giving extra support and a massage effect, improving circulation and energy levels
  • Hugs the arch of your foot for support
  • Flexible grooves in the outer rubber sole give excellent traction on wet slippery rocks and over rough terrain
  • Water resistant
  • Men's shoe sizes 6 - 12.5, some half sizes
  • Offered in 3 colours - black, brown, or red-brown
  • Budget priced



If you are looking for an open-toed sandal for walking on uneven terrain, these are for you. Visionreast Mens Leather Sandals are one of the best sandals for flat feet when looking for an attractive athletic sandal. They are even water resistant in case your adventures take you to the unexpected. They are offered in men's shoe sizes 6-12.5, with some half sizes, in black, brown or red-brown color.

The footbed of the Visionreast Mens Leather Sandals hugs the contours of your feet, in particular your arches, and includes cushion and anti-fatigue technologies. The three velcro straps allow you to adjust the size of the shoe, ensuring a great fitting sandal. The grooves on the rubber soles provide excellent grip on difficult and slippery terrain.

All in all, they are quality leather sandals and a joy to wear for a full and busy day on your feet. 

Keen Newport H2 Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Bungee lacing system so you can pull on and off when you set your fit
  • Toe ridge support for a natural gait
  • Non-removable Eva footbed with arch support
  • Machine washable and air dry
  • Closed-toe bumper for toe protection
  • Grooved sole for extra grip
  • Includes odor-reducing treatment on the textile upper
  • Water resistant upper
  • Men's shoe sizes 6.5-17, with some half sizes
  • Offered in 38 different colours and patterns


  • Non-removable footbed
  • Could be expensive depending on size and color


KEEN Newport H2 Sandals are one of the best closed toe sandals for flat feet. Further, they are excellent for walking on rough ground or doing outside water activities, like fishing or boating, where your feet may need to enter the water. They are offered in very large men's shoe sizes from 6.5-17, with some half sizes, and an overwhelming 38 different colors and patterns for every taste or fashion dilemma. 

KEEN Newport H2 Sandals have it all. They offer key arch support for fallen arches, cushion for shock absorption, odor reducing treatment on the uppers, and a contoured rubber sole for exceptional grip. Keen is one of the industry leaders in outdoor gear, including footwear. Your adventure awaits with these amazing sandals.

Spenco Tribal Elite Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Orthotic grade arch support in a stylish flip flop
  • Deep heel cup to keep heel in place for proper foot alignment
  • Toe support with a metatarsal dome
  • Odor controlling antimicrobial materials
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-14
  • Offered in three colours - black, brown or grey
  • Moderately priced


  • All synthetic, so on wet surfaces or in a rain, may feel slippery. 
  • No half or wide sizes


If you are looking for the perfect flip flop for flat feet, Spenco Tribal Elite Sandals will do the job in comfort and style. They look like standard flip flops but offer orthotic grade arch support, deep heel cups, toe support, and cushioning to avoid the problems associated with flat feet.  In addition, anti-microbial materials have been added to address foot odor. 

Spenco Tribal Elite Sandals are offered in men's shoe sizes 7-14 and in three colors, black, brown or grey. They are the perfect sandal to wear for long walks, including a day at the beach. Walking on sand can often be challenging for those with fallen arches, but with the features offered, you should have a more secure, stable and comfortable experience. 

Best Sandals For Flat Feet For Men And Women

Krabor Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Hook and loop enclosure
  • 3 adjustable velcro straps for secure fit
  • Quick drying open toe design
  • Eva outsole for comfort and shock absorption
  • Arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Thick sole with deep lugs for excellent traction
  • Easy to wash
  • Budget friendly
  • 6 colors including pink and burgundy
  • Women's sizes 6 - 16 1/2 and men 3 1/2 - 13 1/2


  • May have extra room over toes.


Krabor Sandals for men and women are an inexpensive and stylish pair of sandals that could easily take you on a long walk, to the beach or pool, or out for lunch or dinner. They come in lots of colors to suit both men and women and a wide variety of sizes, including half sizes. The three adjustable straps allows you to adjust the shoe to the unique shape of your feet for a secure and stable fit. 

These are some of the best sandals for flat feet because they have effective arch support. In addition, the soft EVA outsole and thick rubber sole supply cushion and shock absorption for good energy rebound while walking. Together with the secure fit, each step you take should feel supported and comfortable. The deep lugs on the outsole will also provide grip on slippery and uneven terrain. 

Vionic Kiwi Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Orthotic EVA footbed to realign foot
  • 3 zone comfort with arch support
  • Deep heel cup for stability
  • Durable and comfortable - Nubuck polyurethane upper and padded neoprene lining
  • Adjustable velcro fit over forefoot
  • Easy maintenance – use a damp cloth to wipe clean
  • Fits over the foot with no toe post
  • Women's shoe sizes 6-14 and men's shoe sizes 5-13
  • Offered in four colors - brown, black, light blue and pink


  • All synthetic so soles may sweat in extreme heat
  • No anti-microbial elements for odor control although open toed
  • No half or wide sizes
  • Expensive for a slide style shoe


Vionic Kiwi Slide Sandals are one of the best sandals for flat feet if you want a pair of stylish slides. They make ideal indoor shoes or for running errands around town. In addition, they would be a practical, easy-maintenance beach sandal. They are offered in a wide range of sizes for men and women, although they do not come in a size below a women's size 6 or above a men's size 13. 

Vionic Kiwi Slide Sandals offer everything that a person with flat feet need in a shoe. There is concealed arch support in the sole, lots of cushion, and a deep heel cup to keep your heel in the right position while walking. You can adjust the size of the shoe at the forefoot for a more secure fit. As an extra plus, they are easy to keep clean.

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials 

Best sandals for flat feet


  • All synthetic materials – the appearance of leather but vegetarian friendly
  • Anatomical EVA footbed with contoured arch support for even weight distribution
  • Natural toe gripping and good circulation is encouraged with a raised toe bar
  • Deep heel cup keeps the heel bone aligned with shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Plenty of toe room allowing more natural movement and airflow
  • Two adjustable buckles to custom fit to your feet
  • Offered in women's sizes 5-15.5 and men's sizes 3-13.5, with narrow and half sizes
  • Available in 17 colours and patterns
  • Moderately priced



If you are looking for some very fun, bright colored sandals like neon pink, and scuba blue that offer exceptional support for your flat feet, then look no further. The BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Arizona Essentials Sandals are one of the best sandals for flat feet and offer an ethical choice to vegans and vegetarians.

BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Arizona Essentials Sandals offer a classic summer sandal to both men and women while supplying everything that you need for your fallen arches. The anatomical EVA footbed with contoured arch support and deep heel cup provides structure and stability. In addition, the spacious design allows for your foot to spread out for comfort as well as for airflow.  

BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Arizona Essentials Sandals are a lightweight, washable, and fantastic addition to your summer wardrobe.

Best Sandals for Flat Feet For Women

This range of shoes include sandals that look great while being good for your posture and balance. The best thing about them? They are fashionable and should appeal to all women, even those with discerning taste. 

Naot Papaki Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • The latex and cork insoles provide arch support
  • Removable footbed gives you the option of using your orthotic insole for custom support
  • Enclosed heel cup provides additional support for the heel
  • Open-toed and ventilation panels in the heels allow air circulation around your feet in the summer heat
  • The synthetic sole is resistant to slips in wet conditions giving confident stability
  • Leather uppers designed for a more dressed up look
  • Offered in 12 colors, some in playful or sophisticated combinations
  • Women's shoe sizes 4-12


  • They are expensive. 
  • No half or wide sizes


NAOT Papaki Sandals are a smart and sophisticated sandal that is a terrific option for the office or a dressed up occasion. They are expensive for summer sandals, but the hand-stitched Strobel construction offers optional resoling, the insoles are replaceable, and the leather is durable. They are offered in women's shoe sizes 4-12 and in many solid or patterned combinations for a very stylish women's shoe.

NAOT Papaki Sandals are one of the best sandals for flat feet because they already provide arch support, but the replaceable insole means that you can continue to wear these as your support needs change. In addition, the deep heel cup stabilizes the foot and provides structure while walking.

The open toe design with ventilation panels keep your feet cool and dry, while the synthetic sole supplies added stability on slippery ground. Theses sandals offer a lot and are an excellent option.

Vionic Hoola Tawny Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Three-inch heel height with podiatrist-designed footbed
  • Choice of suede or leather uppers
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Deep heel cup and excellent arch support for all-day comfort
  • Ball of foot cushioning 
  • Women's shoe sizes 5-12, with half and wide sizes
  • 8 colors


  • Position of the label on the insole makes a potential rubbing or hot spot for sensitive feet


You may have flat feet, but that does not mean that you want to look like you are wearing medically approved granny shoes. There are times when you want to dress up and party with a little lift to your height. For those occasions, the Vionic Tawny sandals are a great option. They come in sizes 5-12, with half and wide options, and in 8 gorgeous colors that should complement any outfit. 

As for your feet, you have everything that you need from these great pair of shoes. The footbed is designed by a podiatrist for optimum comfort. There is a deep heel cup and lots of arch support. Finally, the upper design offers structure to you foot and the adjustable strap allows you to fit the sandals for your comfort. 

Merrel Siren Wrap Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Closed-toe, sports sandal that is stylish enough for the office
  • Attractive leather (Nubuck) and webbing upper in an excellent color range
  • Waterproof with a rubber sole and neoprene lining
  • Comfortable with padded uppers, air cushioning, and textured EVA footbed
  • Gender engineered alignment with a QForm dual-density midsole heel centering
  • Shock absorption and stability with air cushioning in the heel
  • Women's shoe sizes 5-11
  • Seven colours


  • No half sizes


Active women looking for a fantastic shoe for flat feet that keeps you comfortably on the move all day should give these Merrell Women's Siren Wrap Q2 Athletic Sandals a try.  

They come in seven colors and offer not only black or beige, but also colors that include a bright turquoise or hot pink.

The contouring of the Merrell Women's Siren Sandals is firm with a midsole that focuses on foot alignment and heel centering. However, they also offer cushion and shock absorption in key areas to keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long.

The closed-toe box protects your feet from abrasion, and although these are athletic sandals, suitable for an active day, they also work for a casual office or smart workplace environment. 

With the Merrell Women's Siren Sandals, you have a terrific pair of shoes that are perfect for everything that your day may bring. 

Viakix Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • These are fashionable and athletic with arch support and other ergonomic features
  • Elastic webbing and adjustability mean they fit your feet and stay on while walking and running
  • EVA foam midsole with arch support and cushioning
  • Lightweight and suitable as a water shoe so ideal for summer holidays on the beach
  • High-quality materials and hand-built to provide durable style
  • Women's shoe sizes 6-11
  • 8 attractive colours and patterns
  • Well priced


  • No half sizes
  • Buy smaller size if you normally buy a half size


If you are looking for the fantastic sandals suitable for a vacation, then the Viakix Walking Sandals are an excellent option. You can pop them into your suitcase and wear them to the beach, waterpark, sightseeing, hiking and a casual night out. They come in sizes 6-11 and in lots of colors and patterns. 

They look like strappy fashion sandals but give you arch support and put a bounce in your step with the EVA midsole cushioning. The webbing uppers are quick-drying and elasticated, so they fit your feet well and stay on whatever activity you might want to enjoy. The are light weight and the perfect pull-on and pull-off fit when you have adjusted the buckles. 

Aerothotic Ravine Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • These sandals look like a standard flip flop, but with more style
  • Water-resistant and beach-friendly
  • Orthotic insole
  • Contoured footbed with a heel cup
  • Polyurethane gel insole allows cushioning and distribution of body weight
  • Soft PU outer sole provides the right amount of flex
  • Breathable synthetic leather upper keeps your feet fresh. 
  • Women's shoe sizes 6-11
  • Three colours - black, blue or ravine tan
  • Very affordable


  • Limited size range between 6 and 11
  • No half or wide sizes


With Aerothortic Ravine Sandals, women with flat feet have a stylish and attractive flipflop style sandal. These thong sandals are water and sweat-resistant, and scream summer holiday. They come in sizes 6-11and in three great colors, black, blue and ravine tan (pictured above).

Beyond their stylish good looks, Aerothortic Ravine Sandals offer gel orthotic insoles and contoured footbeds with deep heel cups for all day support and cushioning. Grooves on the footbed give an element of reflexology to add a little bit of extra comfort and weight distribution while walking.

Whether you want to spend the day at the beach or walk around town with a chic pair of comfortable sandals, these sandals are a great choice for you. 

Everhealth Sandals

Best sandals for flat feet


  • Recommended by a podiatrist
  • Arch and heel support for all-day comfort
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Both straps have buckles so you can fit the sandal to your foot
  • Good grip with a rubber outer sole
  • Comfort from the EVA foam midsole.
  • Women's shoe sizes 5-10
  • Offered in black, beige or deep teal


  • Limited color range, but a deep teal is an unusual option
  • No large, wide or half sizes


EVERHEALTH Orthotic Sandals are the best sandals for flat feet for women who don't like a toe post flip flop style but want the comfort and ease of a slip on sandal. They are offered in sizes 5-10 and in three colors - black, beige or deep teal.

The anatomical footbed gives you what you need – arch support, contouring, and a deep heel cup, while the double buck straps allow you to comfortably fit the shoes to your feet. In addition, there is excellent cushion and shock absorption and a rubber outer sole with grooves for grip and traction. 

The EVERHEALTH Orthotic Sandals will take you to the beach, pool, or a walk while keeping your foot correctly aligned. For those of you suffering from painful heels or plantar fasciitis, these sandals provide some added relief too.

Buyer's Guide to the Best Sandals for Flat Feet

Flat feet, also known as overpronation, ples planus, or fallen arches, refer to feet with less than perfect arches. Most kids and teenagers have underdeveloped arches while their feet grow and develop. However, a proportion of these will never properly develop into the full foot arch. Some adults lose the arch in their feet later in life because of injury, overuse, obesity, or some other cause. 

One person's flat feet might not cause any pain or discomfort while walking, while in another person, fallen arches could be the cause of pain not only in their feet, but also in their legs, knees and hips.

One way to help remedy the pain is to find shoes that have features that specifically address flat feet. 

How Do You Pick The Best Sandals For Flat Feet?

Your sandals need to provide:

  • Arch support;
  • Effective weight distribution across your foot when walking;
  • Deep heel cup to stabilize foot;
  • Pronation control (the natural movement of your foot to roll inward when walking) for better balance and stability; and
  • Excellent foot alignment.

Sandals incorporating these features are the best for flat feet because they allow you to walk as if you have normal arches. 

Arch Support

The best sandals for flat feet either have built-in arch support or it may accommodate an orthotic insert or insole to give you the precise amount of support for your feet.

For the purposes of this article, I have focused on sandals that offer you built-in arch support. However, if you have tried different kinds of sandals with arch support, and your feet are still uncomfortable, you may need to try an insole.


There are hundreds of insert options available from which to choose. In my article 10 Extraordinarily Effective And Best Shoe Inserts For Standing All Day, I highlight a few inserts that focus on flat feet. One of these may work for you. However, if you want to to find out exactly the degree of your fallen arches and have a medically recommended insole, then I would go see a Podiatrist, a doctor who focuses on foot health.

Built-in arch support should work if both of your feet has the same degree of flatness. Unfortunately, you may be one of the unlucky ones who have different feet (one flat foot and one with normal arches). Insoles or even custom orthotics may be your best option. 

Removable Inserts or Insoles

Some of the best sandals for flat feet feature a removable insole so you can swap in your custom insert to provide support for your arches and cushion your feet appropriately. Insoles with arch support and contouring include memory foam and polyurethane. The insole material needs strength and durability because if it starts to collapse, it no longer provides the support you need for your feet, and the corrective value is lost. 

Pronation Control

Excellent arch support is the first step to pronation control. Pronation is a fancy way of describing the way feet move when you walk or run. As you step forward, different parts of your foot contact the ground during your natural gait. It is inherent for feet to naturally roll inward when you walk. However, people with flat feet tend to overpronate - their foot rolls too far inwards. This moves their knees and hips out of alignment, giving referred pain to their shins, knees, hips, and possible heel damage like plantar fasciitis. 

Sandals that address flat feet have a contoured footbed to help keep your feet in a natural position throughout your gait. 

Heel Cup

Related to pronation control is stabilizing the heel. The best sandals for flat feet have a heel cup to stop the foot from rolling too far inward and keep the heel in its' natural position. 


The shank or the middle part of the sole needs to hit the goldilocks point – not too rigid, not too bendy, with just the right amount of flex. You want to create a natural foot movement and even distribution of body weight where your body rolls smoothly across your foot from heel to toe.

Wide Fittings 

Flat feet spread out and give you a broader foot in comparison to someone with a normal arch. Accordingly, your sandals need to provide support and cushioning across the whole width of your foot. In addition, the best sandals for flat feet will naturally be wider, or offer additional width options to accommodate your broader feet. You want your sandals to supply structure to your feet, but you don't want your feet to rub against the sandal straps and cause blisters. 

Closed Toe Sandal

If you need to use an orthotic insole, then a closed toe sandal with a heel cup will keep it positioned in the sandal without slippage. The toe box needs to be roomy to allow your toes plenty of space to breathe. 


When you find the best sandals for flat feet, you want to get plenty of wear from them. Accordingly, you should be paying most attention to the footbed.

The contoured footbed supports and cushions your feet to promote a natural gait. Like a mattress, it will collapse and sag in time. However, until then, you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your shoes. 

Sandal straps, toe box, and heel cup are also important features of a sandal focused on flat feet. They need to be robust and comfortable against the skin. For the upper, leather is an excellent choice because you can use a protective polish to keep it supple and waterproof. There are other synthetic materials that are soft and durable and would be appropriate depending on the style of the sandal.


Wearing sandals that promote healthy feet does not mean that you must put up with ugly footwear. I hope that I have proved that to you with the sandals that I have recommended in the first part of this article.

The best sandals for flat feet look like chic, stylish or trendy sandals that everyone else is wearing. You may need or prefer a specific design feature, like adjustable straps in key areas, but a range of colors and quality construction means these sandals can complement any style. 


There is a range of discrete accessories to provide additional orthotic support when you need it, from clear silicone heel cups, cushions for your metatarsals, and three-quarter insoles. The right accessories can convert many sandals into a better experience for your flat feet. 


You may have flat feet or low arches, but you can still enjoy a beautiful pair of sandals that will give you the support and comfort that you need.