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14 Incredibly Dynamic And Best Shoes For Jumping Rope For MEN And WOMEN 

The beauty of picking up a jumping rope for exercise is the straightforward ease of use. Equip yourself with the best shoes for jumping rope, add in the rope, and you are all set to reap the benefits of:

  • Convenient daily exercise; 
  • Burning 0.1 calories per jump (but whose counting...??);
  • Excellent cardiovascular workout;
  • Improved coordination;
  • Stronger feet;
  • Better balance; 
  • Fewer injuries when playing other sports; and
  • A workout for your brain as well as your muscles.

Accordingly, if you have decided that jumping rope is going to be a regular part of your exercise regime, then well done! You will reap the benefits with less time, money and effort than most other types of exercise. 

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Best Shoes For Jumping Rope For MEN And WOMEN 

How the Reviews are Organized

Most of the best jumping shoes are unisex - the same brands are available to both men and women in their shoe sizes. However, some features of one particular brand might be better for women and vice versa for men. In the list below, I discuss the key features of each shoe that make it a fantastic jumping shoe, and highlight any characteristic that makes one shoe better for men or women.  

After that, I spotlight a couple of jump training shoes that are specific to women or men. 

Overall, every jumping shoe that made my list for the best shoes for jumping rope offer, at a minimum, flexibility and shock absorption. In addition, most allow you to cross train - jump rope, ride the stationery bike, lift weights and do floor exercises, among other things.

Best Jumping Shoes For Men And Women

Here are the best shoes for jumping rope with the room and shock absorption needed for your feet.

Reebok Nano 9

Reebok Nano 9 For Men

Best shoes for jumping rope

Sizing: Men's sizes range from 6.5 to 15 with half sizes and a true fit.

Colors:  The Reebok Men's Nano 9 comes in 29 colors. 

Reebok Nano 9 For Women

Best shoes for jumping rope

Sizing:  Women's sizes range from 5 to 11 with half sizes and a true fit

Colors: The Reebok Women's Nano 9 Shoes comes in 25 colors. Like the men's, the rubber soles are different colors, but unlike the men, some include neon and glitter if you like your jumping shoes to sparkle while you jump (who doesn't???). 


  • Flat shoe and stable base with a wide toe box gives the barefoot experience
  • Flex woven upper moves with your foot
  • Textile upper allows your foot to breathe
  • Figure of eight weaving is durable
  • Midsole wraps to provide excellent support
  • Textured soft rubber sole provides excellent grip with forefoot grooves for increased flex
  • Cushioning on the midsole provides arch support and comfort


  • These jump shoes are excellent for wide feet, which means they are less comfortable for people with narrow feet


The Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer is one of the best shoes for jumping rope for men and women.

First and foremost, the shoe is flat with a wide base, minimizing the risk of catching the rope with a heel. Then, the upper is durable and flexible with its' unique figure of eight weave. 

They are super-flexible and breathable for comfortable feet while jumping. There is ample cushion and midsole support. 

The extensive range of color options means you get a stylish cross-trainer with tons of great features. 

Nike Metcon 5

Nike Metcon 5 For Men

Best shoes for jumping rope

Sizing: 6-15 with some half sizes until size 11

Colors: The Nike Men's Metcon 5 comes in 16 colors ranging from subtle to wild.

Nike Metcon 5 For Women

Best shoes for jumping rope

Sizing: 6.5 to 11with some half sizes

Colors: The Nike Women's Metcon 5 are offered in 5 unique colors distinct from the men's offerings.


  • Lacing incorporates flywire to improve flexibility and promote natural foot movement 
  • Rubber web covers the sole and wraps the midsole, increasing durability 
  • Flexible forefoot gives the right type of movement for jumping rope
  • 3D printed upper reduces rubbing found with standard textile uppers for greater durability
  • 3D printed uppers incorporate breathability
  • Wide toe box for great stability when jumping


  • Tread on the sole is prone to wear if you exercise outside on abrasive surfaces


Nike Metcon 5 are fantastic jumping shoes for both men and women. They adopt 3D printing technology in the uppers and the soles that produce a durable, breathable and more affordable shoe because of lower manufacturing costs. 

In addition, they offer extra flexibility in the forefoot which is ideal for a natural landing on your toes, with a roomy toe box that enhances stability. You can jump with confidence with the Nike Metcon 5 as they are one of the best shoes for jumping rope. 

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 For Men

Best jumping shoes

Sizing: 7-15 with limited half sizes and no wide sizes

Colors:  The Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 shoes come in 6 colors - black, white, silver, khaki green, blue and red.

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 For Women

Best jumping shoes

Sizing: 5.5 to 11 with half and wide sizes

Colors: The Inov-8 Womens F-Lite 235 V3 comes in 5 colors - black, white, silver, pink and purple.


  • Outsole performance is lightweight, flexible, and supports natural foot movement
  • Wide toe box allows your toes to spread and grip for increased stability
  • Durable rubber sole and welded toe bumper give protection against excessive wear
  • Elastic mesh liner hugs your foot and provides a lightweight, flexible shoe
  • Uppers have plenty of breathable panels for foot comfort
  • Soles include grooves for natural flex



The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 are the best shoes for jumping rope if you enjoy a more flexible and natural foot movement. In addition, the rubber sole and welded bumper are durable and ideal for jumping on harder, more abrasive surfaces if you don't have the option of training on softer (preferable) surfaces. 

Like most of the other jumping shoes in this article, they supply a wide toe box to allow your toes to spread for increased stability, a mesh upper that fits the shape of your foot, and breathable uppers. The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 may not offer the same dynamic color choices as other shoes, but they undeniably one of the best jumping shoes for women and men.

New Balance Minimus Prevail V1

New Balance Minimus Prevail V1 For Men

Best shoes for jumping rope

Sizing: 7 to 16 with half and wide sizes

Colors: The New Balance Men's Minimus Prevail V1 offers four colors - grey, black, white and blue.

New Balance Minimus Prevail V1 For Women

Best jumping shoes

Sizing: 5 to 12 with half and wide sizes

Colors: The New Balance Women's Minimus Prevail V1 comes in four color options - white, black, silver and neo-crimson (shown above).


  • Vibram outsole for excellent grip and stability
  • Grooved design on the sole allows the natural flexing of the foot
  • REVlite midsole for support and cushioning
  • TPU fibers reinforce the upper for durability as well as flexibility
  • Soft knit upper with ventilation bands for breathability



The New Balance Minimus Prevail V1 is an excellent jumping shoe. It provides a flexible Vibram outsole giving excellent traction and natural flexing on most surfaces. Vibram are world-class when it comes to exercise shoes with their trademark rubber sole based on tank tracks. The grooves on the sole design let your foot move as naturally as possible in a shoe. 

The New Balance Minimus Prevail V1 is one of the best jumping shoes because it is 30% lighter than most other choices. In addition, the REVlite midsole gives support and cushion, making these shoes comfortable and light, with excellent shock absorption. The TPU reinforced fiber in the upper supplies durability without compromising the ventilation bands offering breathability and freshness. 

PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture

PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture For Men

Best shoes for jumping rope

Sizing: 7 to 14 with no wide sizes

Colors: The PUMA Men's Tazon 6 comes in four colors. 

PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture For Women

Best shoes for jumping rope

Sizing: 5.5 to 11 with half and wide fittings

Colors:  The PUMA Women's Tazon 6 comes in 9 standard color options with one that features bright pink laces for an extra pop of color.


  • Certain color combinations look like a cool everyday sneaker for leisurewear
  • Soft rubber sole provides grip and flexibility with a geometrical tread pattern
  • Suitable for running as well as jumping
  • Synthetic leather upper gives waterproofing, giving you outside options
  • EVA section in the heel gives cushioning and shock absorption
  • Solid TPU shank increases stability
  • Ventilation panels for breathability
  • Yellow safety reflective heel option for outdoor evening exercise


  • The synthetic leather uppers with minimal ventilation may result in hot feet for some users


The Puma Tazon 6 are one of the best shoes for jumping rope if you would like the option to exercise outside and add some running to your routine. There is the reflective heel option and geometrical tread pattern that gives you excellent grip. In addition, the synthetic leather uppers provide you with protection against wet weather.

The soft rubber sole supplies flexibility, and the Eva section provides cushion and shock absorption for an extra bounce in your jump. 

The shoes are multipurpose, offering an opportunity to jump rope, go for a run, and even walk around town in a casual outfit, all without changing footwear.

Vibram KSO EVO 

Vibram KSO EVO For Men

Best jumping shoes

Sizing: 6.5 to 15 with some half sizes

Colors: The Vibram Men's KSO EVO shoes come in two colors - black, black and red (see above).

Vibram KSO EVO For Women

Best jumping shoes

Sizing: 5 to 10.5 with some half sizes

Colors: The Vibram Women's KSO EVO shoes come in four colors - black, black and pink, white and pink, and red.


  • Separated toes, Vibram technology, and footwear that gives you the closest thing to bare feet
  • Lightweight with Vibram traction, ideal for a dynamic movement like jumping
  • Knit polyester upper allows the feet to breathe
  • Secure laces keep the shoe on foot
  • Machine washable on a cold cycle (air dry) for hygiene and freshness
  • Injection shank plate provides some arch support
  • Zero drop heel positions your toes and heel on the same level for a natural foot position
  • XS Trek Vibram outsole offers exceptional 360-degree grip and traction in wet conditions


  • Five separate toes mean you need to wear the shoes barefoot or invest in toe socks
  • Don't confuse these with minimalist footwear; these are shoes for a barefoot experience
  • Can be difficult to put on until you get used to them


These are part of the Vibram five finger range of footwear, and they look stunning.  The zero-drop heel and toe separation create the best shoes for jumping rope if you want to jump as close to barefoot as possible. If you are unfamiliar with footwear like these, it can be difficult to put them on for the first time. However, beyond that, most people love them. 

The shoe's technology gives you the ability to jump naturally. The toes each fit in their own toe space so they can flex and move independently. The zero-drop heel position means your toes and heel are in a natural alignment, which is excellent for your foot health and allows you to exercise with natural foot movements.  

The serrated-blade sole design gives flexibility and exceptional traction against wet surfaces – you can jump with confidence in the rain. They are machine washable (cold cycle and air dry), so you can keep them fresh and odor-free.  

The Best Shoes For Jumping Rope For Men Only

Adidas Originals Freak X Carbon

Best shoes for jumping rope


  • Mesh upper gives exceptional ventilation
  • Removable insole means you can replace it with your own insert if you need additional arch support or heel cushioning
  • Textured rubber sole gives excellent grip and stability
  • Reinforced over the middle of the foot for additional stability and support
  • Lightweight with plenty of cushioning in the heel
  • From 4 to size 18 with some half sizes
  • Eight color options



If you like plenty of airflow around your feet when exercising, then the Adidas Originals Men's Freak X Carbon are a great option. They offer generous ventilation panels and the removable insole means that you can customize the amount of arch and heel support you need for a more enjoyable exercise session.

The reinforcing over the middle of the foot is a nice touch adding some extra support and durability. Light to wear, with heel cushioning as an added bonus if you tend to land hard on your heels. 

The Best Shoes For Jumping Rope For Women Only

New Balance Hierro V5

Best jumping shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Fresh foam provides superb cushioning with extra mileage
  • Vibram mega grip outsoles – trademark Vibram provides superior grip and traction at all angles
  • Shrouded construction with TPU coated textiles in the upper – stops grit working its way into your shoe
  • Designed for trail running, they give you a snug cushioned fit with secure lacing and no slipping
  • Fresh foam and Gore-Tex upper provide breathability
  • Wide toe box allows your toes room to flex
  • Excellent size range from 5 to 12 with half-sizes and wide fitting options 
  • Six color options which includes one silvery grey (description: mystic purple), but the other five are bright and bold. 


  • Don't cater to petite feet below size 5


Using a trail shoe like New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Hierro V5 for jumping rope gives you a versatile, lightweight shoe with superior flex – ideal for jumping.

The TPU reinforced upper is cleverly designed to stop grit and debris from getting into your shoes while running. This feature is also ideal for jumping rope outdoors because a stone lodged in your jumping shoes is not just irritating and uncomfortable, but could hurt your feet. 

The Gore-Tex upper, combined with a fresh foam midsole, provides you a breathable natural feeling while exercising.

Buyer's Guide to the Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

Finding the best jumping shoes is very important. They greatly impact the benefit and enjoyment you get from the exercise.

The best shoes are:

  • Springy - a flexible sole to micmic natural jumping movement;
  • Comfortable - cushion with no rubbing, blistering or cramped toes;
  • Wide - to allow feet to flatten for higher and safer jumps;
  • Protective – support and structure to avoid injury from the constant impact;
  • Breathable - allow heat to escape to keep feet cool;
  • Durable – because you demand performance and value for your money; and
  • Stylish – because who doesn't want to look good while working out.

The wrong shoes undermine your jumping rhythm, are uncomfortable, and increase the possibility of injury from impact or slipping. 

Flexibility of Sole For Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

If you are jumping rope correctly, your feet move naturally. Accordingly, you don't want your feet constrained by your footwear. The best jumping shoes allow your feet to behave as if you were jumping barefoot. Therefore, a flexible sole is absolutely essential. 

The ideal sole flexes and bounces back without distortion. Grooves in line with the length of the sole provide extra flex and are an important feature for the best shoes for jumping rope.  

Comfort And Cushion From Your Jumping Shoes

The amount of comfort and cushioning you need from your jumping shoes depends on how much you like to feel the ground beneath your feet while jumping and the degree of comfort you expect from your shoes. 

Cushioning performs a bio-mechanical function in providing support and shock absorption. It also provides insulation and psychological comfort - in winter, a padded shoe makes us feel that our feet are safe and warm. Lastly, appropriately placed padding prevents rubbing. In a jumping shoe, cushioning around the top edges of the shoe or under the heel may avoid blistering. 

Shock Absorption For Best Jumping Shoes

When you come down from your jump, the combination of gravity and your body mass means that you impact the ground with energy. Some of that energy goes into the ground, but most of it travels back up your feet.

Many athletic shoe manufacturers use patented technology to provide superior shock absorption – gels, elastic materials, and air cushioning. Excellent shock absorption in your jumping shoes reduces fatigue, enabling you to train longer. 

Your jump style (do you land on your toes?) will tell you where you need the most shock absorption to protect your feet from the repeated impact.

Also, consider where you jump rope – a spring wood gym floor is different and offers shock absorption independent from your jumping shoes compared to jumping on hard concrete. 

Support And Stability In The Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

You want confidence that your take-off and landing are stable, and your foot will not twist and cause you to sprain your ankle. The best shoes for jumping rope supply inner materials that provide reinforcement and support to your foot, and heavier outer materials offering protection from uneven surfaces. 

Arch, Heel, and Ankle Support

The arch is the body's natural shock absorber, but if you are one of the 30% of the population with flat feet or fallen arches, you need extra support in this region. Even without flat feet, additional support to the natural arch of your foot makes jumping more comfortable. The design of the insole in the best shoes for jumping rope provides some arch support.

In addition, the best jumping shoes secures the heel to keep your foot in its' natural alignment. You want to avoid sideways slipping and ensure that your feet in your shoes are mimicking the natural movement of jumping rope. 

Most of the best shoes for jumping rope allow your ankle to remain mobile and free to move. However, that is not to say that your ankle doesn't need support through other means. Making sure that your jumping shoes are snug against your foot through laces and other type of supportive designs will protect your ankles by natural jumping movement. Improving the strength of your foot muscles by jumping rope will also have a positive impact on increasing your ankle stability.  

Outer Sole

The outer sole is the point where your feet hit the ground. It has several roles to play:

  • Durability – a rugged rubber sole (like the tires on your car) provides some shock absorption but resists wear giving you plenty of mileage for your jumping shoes. 
  • Grip or traction – you need some friction to make sure you land and take off cleanly with no slipping. The sole (grooves and lugs) pattern makes a difference to your stability, especially in outdoor conditions. 
  • Protection – if you like to exercise outside, you need strong enough soles to protect you from sharp stones and uneven ground.
  • Waterproof – no one likes wet feet and it can lead to rubbing and blisters. 

The material in the sole is a key feature. Rubber is the material used for most soles in great jumping shoes, but this may be Gum Rubber (extra bounce and flexibility) or Crepe Rubber (durability) for more abrasive surfaces. 

The major manufacturers use their own technology for sole design and use specifically formulated materials to address shock absorption and traction. 

Part of the outsole design may include a small heel elevation to provide extra shock absorption in that area. However, you want to make sure that the heel elevation is very small. The best shoes for jumping rope supply as flat a sole as possible to avoid catching the rope. If you are prone to ankle turning, a wider heel also offers a more stable base.

Your aim when jumping rope is natural foot movement, so great jumping shoes provide you with a barefoot experience on your own portable workout surface - the outer sole.

Wide Shoes For The Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

Shoes that are roomy around the toes are better and found in the best shoes for jumping rope. You want to make sure that when you are jumping rope, your foot flattens upon landing. This replicates natural jumping and enables you to jump higher and safer.

Breathability In Great Jumping Shoes

The use of mesh fabric and ventilation holes and panels promotes airflow, which should help keep your feet cool during your workout. Ventilation features compete with the need to keep wet weather out and making sure the shoes are durable. Accordingly, if you believe that you will be using your jumping shoes outside, you will need to weigh your desire for ventilation with the type of weather in which you may be exercising.


Building the best jumping shoes for durability involves several compromises. Hard rubber provides more wear, but soft rubber supplies more bounce and performance. Mesh gives ventilation but low durability, and synthetic leather gives less ventilation but more durability. Accordingly, every material decision is a compromise with durability. 

Your best shoes for jumping rope should endure thousands of jumps. However, they will lose their bounce and support at some stage because, like the tires on your car, they will wear. You will need to replace them after a certain amount of mileage or time.

Working daily with your rope means that your shoes may have a lifespan of around six months. You might consider two pairs of jump shoes if you see yourself exercising both indoors and out.

Weight of Shoe For The Best Jumping Shoes

When you jump up, you use your muscles and energy to move your total mass up into the air. Heavy shoes mean more mass to move. If you want to save energy, and decrease the shock absorption on your body, then opt for lightweight shoes. If you want extra weight, consider adding ankle weights to your work out rather than a heavier shoe. 

Socks Matter

The best socks for jumping rope contribute to your foot health and can add supporting functions. Consider what you need and look to your socks for that extra layer for your feet. For example,

  • Moisture-wicking – The right socks can wick sweat and move it from your feet through the shoe's ventilation holes. 
  • Antimicrobial – Wool or polyester blends can control odor, thus reducing smelly feet and the possibility of foot infections. 
  • Freshness – your socks are removable and can be washed, thus keeping the shoe interior clean and odor free.
  • Durability – socks protect your feet, but they also put less wear on the inside of your shoe. 

Please see my article 12 Fresh Smelling And Best Socks For Sweaty Feet For Men And Women for my sock recommendations for moisture wicking and odor control. 

  • Support – performance socks can build in support for arches, heels, and ankles. 
  • Thermal – socks can add additional warmth in winter.
  • Comfort – the right socks can add padding in key high impact areas to make your feet more comfortable and prevent rubbing and slipping inside the shoe. 

The best athletic socks are multifunctional, comfortable, and worth paying that bit extra for better performance. 

Are Bare Feet Better For Jumping?

The best shoes for jumping rope give you the barefoot experience, so is it better to jump barefoot?

The short answer is yes. 

However, you would need to jump on the "perfect" jumping surface (springy with some shock absorption) and have ankles, knees and hips that can withstand the impacts. However, overall, it is not worth jumping in bare feet because it is unlikely that your workout surface will be "perfect" and you will risk injury. 

Jumping shoes mean that you can work out in your back yard, gym, or on a concrete path. They protect your feet from impact with shock absorption, injury from uneven surfaces, and support correct body alignment. The best shoes for jumping rope give you all the features that you need to be comfortable and safe in your workout, and come as close to a bare foot experience as possible. 

If you are still not convinced, you can jump rope with bare feet but try and pick a surface with excellent padding and bounce like a spring wood gym floor. Remember, you are putting the wear on your feet and not on your shoes, and shoes are replaceable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are jumping shoes?

Jumping shoes have flat, wide, and flexible soles to allow your feet to flatten and then lift in a motion that replicates as close to jumping in bare feet as possible.

Is jumping without shoes bad?

Jumping in bare feet is the best way to strengthen the muscles in your feet and to reap all of the benefits of this type of exercise. However, without the proper jumping surface, you run the risk of injuring yourself. The best shoes for jumping protect your feet from impact with shock absorption, injury from uneven surfaces, and support correct body alignment.

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