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The Amazing Timberland Earthkeepers (Review)

Everyone loves a great pair of boots. Whether you are looking for a stylish pair of boots for a casual day out, or a technical pair of hiking or work boots, Timberland provides an incredible selection of premium footwear.

But did you know that Timberland uses responsible materials and environmentally friendly methods in producing many of its highly functional and stylish footwear? Or that Timberland works everyday to minimize its environmental impact and is seeking to give back to nature more than what it is taking?

I didn't until recently. But now that I have, I am very excited to not only discuss the eco-friendly initiatives represented by Timberland Earthkeepers, but also to highlight the Timberland Earthkeepers boots that represent some of the best of what Timberland has to offer.

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Timberland Earthkeepers Boots

Today, many of the Timberland Earthkeeper initiatives can be found in Timberland boots. However, the Timberland Earthkeeper men's boots are the original flagship eco-conscious footwear. What an extraordinary boot for its comfort, support, durability and its environmental properties.

Men's Timberland Earthkeepers Original 6" Boot
  • Leather has been sourced from tanneries rated gold or silver by the Leather Working Group. This means that they have satisfied responsible practices in energy use, waste management and water treatment.
  • Breathable inner lining is made from a minimum 50% recycled plastics.
  • Outsoles are made from 15% recycled rubber in addition to responsibly sourced natural rubber.
  • Laces are made from 100% recycled plastics. 

Other Key Features Of The Men's Timberland EarthKeepers Boots

  • Anti-Fatigue technology which means that the midsoles use geometric cone support for excellent shock absorption and comfort while walking or standing.
  • Removable footbed if need orthotics. (For a list of recommended insoles for boots, please take a look at my article 10 Most Productive And Best Insoles For Work Boots.)
  • Excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Lightweight - Each boot weighs approximately 19 ounces or 540 grams.

Other Timberland Boots

For a selection of remarkable Timberland hiking boots with Timberland Earthkeepers' initiatives, please take a look at 11 Most Rugged And Best Timberland Hiking Boots (Review).

Understanding Timberland Earthkeepers Environmental Initiatives

Timberland Earthkeepers Materials

Through the Timberland Earthkeepers initiative, Timberland has identified ways to use 100% recycled materials in their footwear, or find sustainable practices to ease pressures on the environment.


Most, if not all, of Timberland's foot wear includes leather uppers. That's a lot of leather and a significant demand on animal products and the land that services them. Timberland Earthkeepers have devised three ways to lower that demand or offset the harm to the environment. 

Regenerative Leather

Timberland sources leather from farms that use regenerative agricultural techniques. Essentially, grazing practices reflect natural herd movements thus relieving pressure on the land. As a result, natural grasses grow, carbon is reduced and fertile soil is given time to develop. 

Recycled Leather

Leather scraps are collected, ground up, and pressed into durable sheets for re-use. The process reduces waste not only during the initial product phase - all leather is being used - but also when creating secondary products because the recycled leather is now in a uniform roll as opposed to a hide.

Lite Leather

Lite Leather or "low impact to the environment" means that the leather is tanned using less water and energy, and fewer chemicals than normal. Facilities use wind and solar power and water is procured from a rain lagoon and processed through wetlands.

Leather Working Group

The Leather Working Group is an organization that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and promotes sustainable environmental practices. Timberland Earthkeepers relies on this organization and its standards when sourcing from tanneries. 

Better Leather

Timberland footwear that has the "Better Leather" demarkation from its Timberland Earthkeepers initiative means that it has included leather from tanneries rated gold or silver by the Leather Working Group. This means that these tanneries have satisfied responsible practices in energy use, waste management and water treatment.

Easy Care Leather

Easy Care Leather is leather sourced from tanneries rated gold by the Leather Working Group. Timberland shoes with "Easy Care Leather" means that it dries fast, resists stains, and stays soft over time.

Timberland Earthkeepers Women's boots

Timberland Earthkeepers Outsoles

The outsoles for most Timberland footwear are made from rubber. Like leather, initiatives under the Timberland Earthkeepers program have found three ways for Timberland to reduce its impact on the environment while satisfying its demand for rubber.

Responsible Natural Rubber

Rubber (latex) is a naturally renewable resource. Like maple syrup, it is tapped from rubber trees. Timberland sources its rubber from rubber plantations that have not planted trees on newly cleared rainforest.

Recycled Rubber

Timberland's rubber outsoles consist of 34% recycled rubber. This is from waste rubber left from the manufacturing of other products. 

Timbergrip™ Technology

The traction on Timberland's outsoles, called Timbergrip™ Technology, is made with 50% bio-based content - 3% resins from paper pulp waste and 47% natural rubber - as opposed to 100% synthetic rubber. 

Timberland Mens Earthkeepers rugged boot

Timberland Earthkeepers Fabrics And Waterproof Liners

For those of us frustrated with landfills packed with plastic products, the initiative by Timberland Earthkeepers to recycle plastic into their footwear is great news.

Timberdry™ Waterproof Linings

Timberdry™ Waterproof Linings create a waterproof lining to keep your feet dry from unwanted moisture. They are either made from 50% (footwear) or 100% (apparel) recycled plastic.

Rebotl™ Fabric

Made from at least 40% recycled plastics from around the world, this material is used in footwear uppers and linings.

Better Cotton Initiative

Timberland is committed to sourcing 100% of its cotton as "more sustainable cotton" which includes recycled, Fairtrade and organic cotton. It is a member of the Better Cotton initiative (BCI) which is a nonprofit organization and the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. 

BCI exists to make global cotton production better for producers, the environment and the sector's future.

timberland mens earthkeepers

Frequently Asked Questions About The Timberland Earthkeepers

Are Timberland Earthkeepers waterproof?

Timberland Earthkeeper boots are water-resistant but not waterproof. This means that your feet should stay dry if walking in the rain but may not do so if walking in puddles.

Do Timberland Earthkeepers run big?

The Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Original 6″ Boots run a size big. So, if you normally wear a size 11, you should order a size 10. However, if you like to wear thick boot socks or multiple layers of socks (for example, boot socks with socks for sweaty feet), then you may wish your Timberland Earthkeepers to be on the bigger size.

Are Timberland Earthkeepers Good For Hiking?

The Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Original 6″ Boots have features that make them a good hiking boot. They have ankle support with high tops and lacing. Structure and support to make sure the heel stays aligned and foot flexes naturally. Stiff uppers to protect your feet from rough surfaces. Rubber soles with tread and traction for grip on different surfaces. Gusseted tongues to keep grit and stones out of the boot. Raised buffer (rand) between the sole and the upper to deflect stones away from the boot. Anti-fatigue technology in the midsole for comfort and shock absorption. However, they do not have padding around the ankle or a waterproof membrane.

Are Timberland Earthkeepers good in snow?

The Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Original 6″ Boots have some features that make them good in snow. They are high tops with lacing for a secure fit; gusseted tongues to keep snow out; and rubber soles with tread and traction for grip on slippery surfaces. However, they are not insulated from the cold.

Can Timberland Earthkeepers be resoled?

Yes, the Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Original 6″ Boots can be resoled.


Timberland has come along way since it introduced an authentic, waterproof leather boot in 1973. Today, it is still a global leader in design, engineering and marketing of premium footwear. However, through Timberland Earthkeepers, it has added a strong focus and commitment to using responsible materials and environmentally friendly methods in producing many of its highly functional and stylish footwear.

The Timberland Men's Earthkeepers boots represent an eco-conscious casual, hiking or work boot. When you choose to wear them, not only do they offer fantastic style and excellent comfort, you are also making a smaller environmental footprint that is a win-win for everyone. 

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