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11 Distinctly Stylish And Best Driving Shoes 

I love driving. It helps that I have had the privilege of driving a couple of luxury sports cars on the Sea To Sky Highway, one of the most spectacular roads in the world. Even when I hop into my family SUV and head off to do errands in my city, I can't help it - I  feel happy behind the wheel. This is especially true when I put on my driving shoes.

In this article, I going to list and discuss eleven of the most stylish and best driving shoes for men. If you want to take your driving experience to the next level, or simply want to wear the best shoe for the safest driving experience, then one of these shoes is meant for you. 

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The Most Stylish And Best Driving Shoes (2020 Reviews)

How The Reviews Are Organized

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a stylish and high quality pair of driving shoes. Of course, you can, but with some of the top men's designers offering gorgeous shoes at reasonable prices, there's simply not the need. Nonetheless, there is always a range. In these reviews, I have grouped together the best driving shoes into styles - plain loafers, loafers with accents, moccasins with tassels, everyday, and sporty. Within each group, I provide a couple of options, with at least one being moderately priced. 

Best Driving Shoes: Plain Loafer

Geox Ascanio 2

Best driving shoes


  • 100% leather upper
  • Lining and insole also leather for ultimate dryness
  • Italian patented breathable, rubber, waterproof sole
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Driving-shoe tread with grip in the heel
  • Men's shoe sizes 6-12.5
  • Three colors - navy blue, pink, and brown


  • Does not come in large, or many half or wide sizes


Geox Ascanio 2 shoes are one of the best driving shoes for not only its premium quality leather but also its patented rubber driving sole.

The leather upper is soft and supple and easy to slip on and off. Combined with its leather lining and insole, they offer breathability and comfort from sweaty feet. 

The patented breathable waterproof sole is flexible for ultimate manoeuvrability while driving. It also offers an excellent grip in key areas. The perforated sole and the breathable and waterproof membrane allow for natural temperature regulation that also helps keep feet dry and comfortable.

Geox Ascanio 2 driving shoes are very stylish and would compliment many everyday outfits. They come in men's shoe sizes 6-12.5 and in three colours - navy blue, pink and brown - offering practicability and fun, depending on your mood. 

Clarks Ashmont

Best driving shoes


  • Premium leather upper
  • Cow leather sockliner for breathability
  • Stretch gore slip on entry
  • Ortholite footbed for comfort
  • Rubber sole with textured bottom for grip
  • Heel height is 0.39" (9.9mm)
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-13 with half and wide sizes
  • Two colours - black and brown
  • Moderately priced


  • The stretch gore entry may need a bit of breaking in


Clarks Ashmont driving shoes are a sleek premium leather driving shoe that offers a lot for an excellent price.

In addition to the leather upper, these loafers offer a cow leather sock liner to improve breathability and keep feet cool and dry. For additional comfort, there is also an Ortholite footbed that not only supplies padding, but also moisture wicking capabilities.

The outer sole of the Clarks Ashmont shoes are made from TPR rubber that offers durability with flexibility. Its textured bottom allows for excellent grip on the pedals and also, structure to enhance your control while driving. 

Clarks Ashmont driving shoes are a stylish choice that comes in black or brown, and men's shoe sizes 7-13 with many wide and half size options. For all of this, they are moderately priced and one of the best driving shoes for men. 

Best Driving Shoes: Loafers With Accents

Polo Ralph Lauren Reynolds

Best driving shoes


  • 100% leather
  • Slip on and off
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • Padded leather insole for comfort and breathability
  • Reinforced heel
  • Rubber outer sole with nubs
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-15
  • Four colors -black, navy, beige and deep saddle tan


  • May be a little stiff and need breaking in
  • Couple of half sizes and no wide sizes


Polo Ralph Lauren Reynold driving shoes are a classic driving leather loafer with an ergonomically molded footbed for extra comfort. They are slip on and slip off, with a padded collar and leather insole for comfort and breathability. The outer sole is rubber and flexible, with nubs to provide grip for the pedals.  

Polo Ralph Lauren Reynold shoes come in four colours - black, navy, beige, deep saddle tan and in men's shoe sizes 7-15. They are one of the best driving shoes that not only offer comfort, but also a stylish look that would compliment most outfits.

Go Tour Penny Loafers

Best driving shoes


  • 100% leather upper
  • Suede calf skin upper and pig skin leather man made foot bed for comfort
  • Light and flexible
  • Rubber and textured outer sole for grip
  • Men's shoe sizes 6.5-15
  • 7 colours - from conservative to playful
  • Budget friendly


  • May not be the most durable option out there 
  • No wide sizes


Go Tour Penny Loafers are a very budget friendly driving shoe that makes the list as a good looking economical option for the best driving shoes.

They offer everything that you need to have for fantastic driving shoes. They include leather uppers for breathability and comfort, and flexible rubber soles with texture for grip. They are lightweight with a cushioned foot bed. 

Go Tour Penny Loafers come in 7 colors, many of them fun and adventurous, and they are offered in men's shoe sizes 6.5-15. They offer an elegant look for your style.

However, craftsmanship is not equal to other brands and they may wear out sooner than others. If you are not looking to spend too much, but still want a well reviewed driving shoe, then the Go Tour Penny Loafers are a great choice for you.

Best Driving Shoes: Moccasins With Tassels

Cole Haan Gunnison

Best driving shoes


  • 100% leather
  • Rubber treaded sole with nubs for grip
  • Rubber heel protector
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Slip on and off
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-13 with half and wide sizes


  • Only comes in brown
  • May fit on narrow side


Cole Haan Gunnison shoes are a good looking casual pair of driving shoes with a slight nautical look. The uppers are 100% leather and the outer soles are rubber with nubs to grip the pedal. They are lightweight and the soles are flexible. 

Cole Haan Gunnison driving shoes come in brown and in men's shoe sizes 7-13 with half and wide sizes. They have a lovely casual flair that would make them perfect for a pair of jeans or chinos.

Sperry Hamilton II 

Best driving shoes


  • 100% leather uppers
  • 360° lacing system for a secure comfortable fit
  • Genuine rawhide laces
  • Slip on and off
  • Padded removable footbed with EVA heel cup for comfort
  • Rubber outer sole with nubs and molded "Wave-Sipping" delivers traction
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-13 with half and wide
  • Moderately priced


  • May be narrow and need a size up


Sperry Hamilton II 1-Eye Loafer has everything that you want for one of the best driving shoes. It offers 100% soft leather uppers with genuine rawhide laces that offer a secure yet comfortable fit. They also deliver a fantastic casual look.

The footbed is padded and the rubber sole is light and flexible so that you can easily manoeuvre between the pedals. In addition, the footbed is removable in case you wish to add your own orthotics.

The outer sole is rubber with nubs with molded "Wave-Sipping" which provides excellent traction and grip.

Sperry Hamilton II 1-Eye Loafer is offered in men's shoe sizes 7-13, with lots of half and wide sizes. They also come in three different shades of brown, easily ensuring they compliment any outfit that you may have. 

Best Driving Shoes: Everyday

Twisted X Original

Best driving shoes


  • Full-grain leather upper 
  • Removable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial and machine washable SD footbed
  • Slip on and off
  • Lightweight
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Leather-wrapped, slip-resistant and flexible molded rubber outsole with textures for grip
  • Durable
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-15, with half and wide sizes



Twisted X Original shoes are one of the best reviewed and most popular driving shoe available.

They are made from premium full grain leather for breathability complimented with a moisture wicking and antibacterial footbed to keep your feet cool, dry and fresh. 

They are slip on and off, lightweight and have a flexible rubber outsole with textured grip for an excellent driving experience. 

It is normally frowned upon to wear your driving shoes anywhere other than in the car because most driving shoes are not designed to withstand the wear and tear from constant use on hard surfaces. The rubber nubs or other textured facets to the sole will wear down, and toes will poke through the soft and supple leather uppers. However, Twisted X Original driving shoes are the exception. They are durable and offer not only an exceptional driving experience, but also the ability to wear them everyday.

Twisted X Original shoes come in men's shoe sizes 7-15, with lots of wide and half sizes. They also come in two shades of brown, and one beige. 

Cole Haan Tucker Venetian

Best driving shoes


  • 100% leather upper
  • Fully padded sock liner and padded collar for comfort
  • Dual elastic goring for easy slip on and off
  • Rubber textured outer sole with nubs for grip
  • Men's shoe sizes 7-16, with lots of half and wide sizes
  • Three colors - black, tan and burgundy
  • Budget friendly


  • May need to break them in


Cole Haan Tucker Venetian driving shoes are a budget friendly yet stylish and sleek driving shoe that offers a lot. 

They are 100% leather with a padded sock liner and collar for comfort. They are lightweight, and its' dual elastic goring enhances breathability and its' easy slip on and off style.

The rubber sole of the Cole Haan Tucker Venetian driving shoes is textured with durable rubber nubs for all day traction. In addition, the sole offers medium thickness to ensure a connection between your foot and the pedals. 

The attractive shoe is offered in men's shoe sizes 7-16 with lots of half and wide sizes. In addition, they come in three very attractive colors - black, tan and a dark burgundy. For the price, they are one of the best driving shoes available.  

Best Driving Shoes: Sport Style

Puma Ferrari Drift Cat 5

Best driving shoes


  • Synthetic leather perforated upper for breathability
  • Lace closure for snug fit
  • TPU midsole for cushioning
  • Rubber outsole provides traction and grip
  • Ferrari branding details
  • Men's shoe sizes 4-14 with half sizes
  • Three colours - red, black or white


  • No wide sizes
  • Not real leather
  • Laces so not slip on/slip off
  • May fit on small size


The PUMA Ferrari Drift Cat 5 shoes are a sleek and fun driving shoe that offers many features that make it one of the best driving shoes.

The upper is not leather, but it is soft and moulds to your foot. In addition, the material is perforated to ensure breathability. The lace closure ensures a tight fit to the shape of the foot and a mid sole EVA cushions supplies padding and comfort. Overall, the shoe is lightweight. Finally, the rubber outer soles are flexible and textured, offering excellent grip for the pedals. 

PUMA Ferrari Drift Cat 5 driving shoes are offered in men's shoes sizes size 4-14 and in three racing colours - black, red and white. Stylistically, if you are going for a more athletic look, these shoes are a great choice. For those of us who love the Ferrari brand of car (and who doesn't???), the Ferrari logo on these shoes is definitely a plus!

Puma Vedano

Best driving shoes


  • 100% leather and suede upper
  • Gore panel for extra stretch
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Slip on and off
  • Rubber and textured sole with driver's heel for grip
  • Two colors - black and brown



Puma Vedano driving shoes are stylish yet casual shoes that offer an amazing driving experience. They are race car inspired, and 100% leather and suede uppers with a streamline silhouette.

Puma Vedano shoes have easy slip on and slip off access, and hook and loop closure. The leather and suede are supple and soft, and overall, the driving shoes are lightweight and breathable.

As for the rubber sole, it is flexible with textured colored accents that not only give it excellent grip on the pedals, but also gives the shoes an exciting flair.

Puma Vedano driving shoes come in two colors - black or reddish brown. They look as good as they feel and would work well with most casual and stylish outfits. 

Skechers Citywalk Malton

Best driving shoes


  • Leather and man-made uppers
  • Lace up front for personal fit
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Soft fabric shoe lining
  • Memory foam cushioned insole
  • Shock absorber low profile midsole
  • Flexible rubber traction outer sole
  • Rubber cleat traction details
  • 5 colours
  • Men's shoe sizes 6.5-14, in wide and half sizes
  • Budget friendly


  • Laces so not slip on and slip off


Skechers Citywalk Malton is a budget friendly sporty looking driving shoe. It is made from leather and man-made materials with detailed stitching and laces for a fashionable look. 

This is one of the best driving shoes because of all of its features and its low budget price. Skechers Citywalk Malton driving shoes offer a padded collar and tongue, soft fabric lining and a memory foam cushioned insole, all supplying comfort. The lacing means that the shoe is not slip on and off, but instead offers a secure fit for more control.

The outer sole is flexible with rubber traction and its rubber "cleat" tractions ensure grip on the pedals. 

Skechers Citywalk Malton driving shoes are offered in 5 colours and in men's shoe sizes 6.5-14, in many half and wide sizes. 

Buyer's Guide To The Best Driving Shoes

Unlike other kinds of boots and shoes, it is relatively straightforward to understand what makes the best driving shoes. 


As already highlighted in this article, there are lots of different shoe styles from which you can choose that make a fantastic driving shoe. I have loosely categorized them into "loafers", "everyday", and "sporty". However, they all share similar characteristics.

  • They are easy to take on and off. Ideally, you want your driving shoes to be slip on and slip off. You want to avoid lace ups or any other type of shoe style that requires you to sit down and use two hands to secure them. 
  • They are below the ankle and sleek. You want to avoid thick soles because you want to be able to feel the pedals. You also want to avoid thick uppers because they will impact your foot's mobility.
  • Boots are not recommended unless they are specifically designed for driving. You want your ankle to have the flexibility to move between the pedals and its full range of motion to have the best driving experience.
  • They are distinctive. The best driving shoes are not meant to be anything other than that - a driving shoe. You are not trying to find the best shoes for walking on concrete all day or something that is professional enough to match your business suit. Rather, you are creating a personal experience. So, feel free to pick a pair with wild colors, or a style that you would not normally buy because they are not otherwise compatible with your day to day life. 


For the upper, you want a soft and supple material that easily conforms to the shape of the foot while also allowing breathability. Accordingly, leather and suede tend to be the most popular options. However, there are synthetic materials that compare to leather and suede. If you prefer these, make sure that they are soft and include vents. 


The sole is one of the more important and unique parts of the best driving shoes. Ideally, your sole will:

  • be approximately 4 mm (0.15") thick;
  • offer some flexibility;
  • be made of rubber; and
  • provide a good grip.

You want to avoid thick soles as you won't be able to feel the pedals, a key aspect to a great driving experience. Similarly, you want to avoid thin soles as they do not offer you enough support for safe driving.

A rubber sole provides traction so that your feet do not slide off the pedals. Ideally, you want to find one that offers a textured bottom, like "rubber nubs", "pebble soles", or other shapes and patterns, to allow you to grip the pedals and apply pressure in crucial areas.


Like any pair of shoes, you want them to be comfortable. If they are too tight, they’ll pinch and be unpleasant to wear. If they are too loose, you won't be able to feel the pedals the way that you should and you risk slipping on the pedals.

You also want them to be lightweight for ease of movement.


For the best driving experience, you do not have to wear socks with your driving shoes. However, from a practical perspective, it is a good idea.

Regardless of the quality of the shoe and the materials used, your feet will likely get hot and sweat in your driving shoes. In addition, unless you are getting out of your shower directly and putting on your shoes, you will most likely have dirty feet prior to slipping on your driving shoes. In both situations, without socks, and no matter which of the best driving shoes you choose, they will not last. 

Accordingly, you should wear a thin "no show" sock or liner. A sock with moisture wicking abilities will keep your feet, and your driving shoes, cool, clean and dry, thus ensuring a more durable lasting driving shoe. For more information about the best socks for sweaty feet, please take a look at my article 12 Best Socks For Sweaty Feet For MEN and WOMEN.

Why A "No Show" Sock?

The best driving shoes have a cool, sleek design that normally sits below your ankle bone. The most appropriate outfits to match should also have a relaxed stylish design. In these cases, you want the focus to be on the shoe and the look, not the knee high socks under your pant leg or below your shorts.

Should You Walk In Driving Shoes?

Ideally, you should not walk for long distances in driving shoes.

Normally, the uppers of the best driving shoes are made of soft and supple leather or suede. Further, the soles are medium thick, flexible and with specific textured rubber bottoms to grip the pedals. Accordingly, the best driving shoes are not durable - they are not meant for walking on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

If you do, the shoes will wear out faster than normal. Your toes will eventually poke through, and the soles will lose its texture and grip. Basically, the driving shoes will lose the essence of why you purchased them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are driving shoes worth it?

If you love the act of driving, in particular the feel of pedals beneath your feet, then driving shoes are definitely worth it. The best driving shoes are lightweight, sit below your ankle bone for ease of movement, and conform to the shape of your feet through soft supple suede or leather. The outer soles are flexible with a medium-thick textured rubber sole so that your feet can grip the pedals and apply pressure in crucial areas.

Are driving shoes comfortable?

The best driving shoes are very comfortable. They are made from soft leather or suede and are meant to conform to the shape of your foot. In addition, the sole is light and flexible so that it can easily move between the pedals in your car.

Are driving shoes good for walking?

The best driving shoes look and feel good, including when you walk. However, they are not designed for lots of walking and they will wear out quickly if you do so. They are normally made out of soft leather and suede and conform to the shape of your foot. In addition, the outsoles are textured with rubber “nubs” or “pebbles” to grip the pedals. With prolonged walking, your toes may eventually poke through the front of the driving shoes and the rubber soles will quickly wear down.

Can you wear driving shoes outside?

You can wear driving shoes outside. However, the best driving shoes are not designed to wear outside for prolonged periods of time. Driving shoes are normally made out of soft leather and suede and conform to the shape of your foot. In addition, the outsoles are textured with rubber “nubs” or “pebbles” to grip the pedals. Driving shoes that are excessively worn outside run the risk of ruining the leather or suede and wearing down the outsoles.

Can you wear driving shoes with a suit?

Driving shoes are meant to be worn with casual outfits. You are meant to wear them without socks or with liners that are invisible, or below the ankle bone.

How should driving shoes fit?

The best driving shoes are lightweight and sit below your ankle bone to allow your feet to easily move. They should have soft and supple leather or suede uppers that conform to the shape of your foot. In addition, the outsoles should be of medium thickness so you can grip the pedals, but still feel them beneath you.